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  • Clarity And Fishing Is Really Starting to Improve As The Flows Recede Eagle River Fly Fishing Cjarity is good

    Upper Eagle River Flows are up but the water is clear above Red Cliff. Hopper-Dropper season is right around the corner and should be here in about a week. In the meantime, bigger patterns like Pat’s Rubber Legs and San Juan Worms are moving fish as well as small streamers. The Main Stem (Avon to Wolcott) The clarity and fishing is really starting to improve as the flows recede. Yellow Sallys have made their presence Read More

  • The Dream Stream Has Been a Great Place To Go Dream Stream great place to go fly fishing

    The Dream Stream has been a great place to go and escape the run off frenzy. While the spawn may be over and most of the big boys have returned to the lake, the river is still producing nice sized cutbows and browns in the 14-18″ range. Fishing has been great under a nymph rig. Flies: San Juan Worm Pink/Brown/Purple (10-12), Pine Squirrel Leaches Black (12-14), Foam Back RS2 (18-22), Black Beauty (20-22)

  • Good News – The River Is Clear And The Fishing Has Been Great Deckers CO has been fishibg well

    The river has been holding steady at about 300 cfs for a little over a week now. I believe we are seeing the final push of run off. Good news is the river is clear and the fishing has been great. Look for fish holding tight to the banks and in undercuts. Anglers will find success in the main runs using a heavier nymph rig with split shot in the BB size. Stoneflies and Caddis Read More

  • Deckers Has Been Consistently Fishing Good for 4 Weeks David Winter Fly Fishing Eagle River Vail valley

    The Platte through Deckers has been consistently fishing good for 4 weeks or so now and I can’t help guess this is going to translate to hungry fish all summer. Water temps and air temps for that matter are usually a lot more sporadic in late April and we tend to get a big snow to cap off the winter and this year I just dont see that happening. The flows bumped up a little Read More

  • 20% Off Gift Certificates | Online, In Store or Call Us | Ends Jan 5th 2016! Online or In Store, Get Your Holiday Gift In Time For Christmas! We’ve only got a few more days until Christmas, and the Post Office is a mess! Get that last minute gift today and save 20% while doing it! Gift Certificates can be applied towards your family trip this Summer too so plan in advance and ... Read more
  • Minturn Anglers Annual Holiday Party – Dec. 17th 6pm! Come Celebrate the Holidays with your friends at Minturn Anglers As another wonderful year of fly fishing in Colorado comes to a close, we ask that you, our faithful friends and customers join us for a night of cheer at our Parker location on Thursday December 17th from 6pm til 9pm(ish). Our annual Holiday Party comes ... Read more
  • Minturn Anglers Father’s Day Fly Fishing Specials Give the gift of fly fishing this Father’s Day The only tie dad needs this Father’s Day is a fly ‘tie’d onto his leader and tippet. Think outside the box this year and spoil dad with one of our many great specials we are offering now until June 21st. This great holiday only comes once a ... Read more
  • European and Tactical Nymphing Techniques – Josh Graffam of Umpqua Feather Merchants European and Tactical Nymphing Techniques May 30th 2-5 pm Minturn Anglers – Parker Josh Graffam Umpqua Southern Rockies Business Manager Fly Fishing Team USA member This presentation will focus on rigging, techniques, and flies for rivers in the rocky mountains, or any trout river in the world. Josh will explain and break down the techniques of “indicatorless” nymphing, as well ... Read more
  • Winter weather is around the corner…. There is no shortage of birds in the state. Geese are absolutely everywhere, ducks are here but are spread out and take some scouting to find. Tomorrow ducks will be open everywhere on the Front Range, don’t forget to set the spinners and duck full bodies. There is nothing more exciting than mallards in the ... Read more
  • 11/25/14 Duck and Goose Update 15783-Duck and Goose Update-group hunting goose-Klay Reiter After our cold snap a few weeks back a lot of ducks got pushed out of the smaller ponds as they froze over. Ducks have been roosting on large open water and feeding heavily in corn. Afternoon duck flights have been very large and more consistent than the morning flights. Geese have been flying early, ... Read more
  • 11/5/14 Waterfowl Scouting Report Birds are on the move and actively feeding. The weather is going to continue to get colder forcing the waterfowl to consume more food for fuel and warmth. Over the past few days we have had a small cold snap followed by warm clear days. Lots of Mallards will be spending the night in the field ... Read more
  • Nov. 3rd Waterfowl Update | Front Range 15533-Nov.3rd Waterfowl Update-Man hunting ducks with his dogDig out those base layers, no more shorts under the waders, the cold weather is poking its head around the corner. What does cold weather mean besides another layer of clothes? More ducks! Last week we saw an increased numbers of American Wigeon, Gadwall, Wood duck, and Redheads. Over the past week field hunting was most ... Read more

Experience World Class Fly Fishing on Colorado Waters

 Residents of Colorado are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful states in the nation. They are surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, rushing rivers and streams, lakes and reservoirs, as well as deserts and grasslands. Denver provides a tempting array of shopping and fine dining as well as numerous galleries, museums and sports events. Vail, less than a two hour drive away, offers superb skiing and all the amenities expected in a major resort destination. But what draws many of the 30 million visitors to the state every year is the unsurpassed opportunity for year round fly fishing.

Enjoy Colorado Gold Medal Fisheries

South Platte denver colorado-Fishing has not been this good EVER

There are over 6,000 miles of streams and rivers and more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs in Colorado, boasting excellent fly fishing opportunities. Many of these world class fisheries are located only a short distance from Denver and Vail. Fly fishermen and women from around the world as well as locals enjoy testing their skills against the trophy fish in these waters. 

The many dams and reservoirs near Denver and in the Vail Valley offer ideal conditions for fish to grow and multiply. Abundant food supplies and optimal temperatures provide the perfect environment for fish such as rainbow and brown trout to reach trophy dimensions.  Many of the Gold Medal fishing spots are located here.

The Colorado Wildlife Commission designates a body of water as Gold Medal if each acre consistently contains a minimum of 60 pounds of trout with at least 12 trout measuring more than 14 inches each. In 2015, three lakes and more than 320 miles of river were awarded the Gold Medal designation. In some areas this means at least 7,000 rainbow trout per mile, a compelling attraction for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Choose Your Fish

There are some 35 different species of fish to be caught in the waters near Denver and Vail. Imagine testing your skills against:

  • A variety of trout including rainbow trout, cutthroat, brook, browns and Mackinaw which are some of the largest trout in America
  • A wiper, a challenging catch
  • Yellow perch
  • Large and small mouth bass
  • Saugeye
  • Mountain whitefish

Start your bucket list with these species, as well as splake and kokanee, Colorado’s landlocked salmon. Each kind presents its own challenges.

Exploring Colorado Fly Fishing Waters

13045-Minturn Anglers Wade Guide School-Group of people with guidesThere are many different watersheds to explore in the Denver Front Range. Each one offers its own unique characteristics and opportunities. Whether you have been fly fishing for years or are new to the sport, count on the professional guides from Minturn Anglers to bring you to the most productive fly fishing locations.

Be sure to consider exploring the Colorado River itself. Breathtakingly deep canyon walls and beautiful scenery combine with eager trout for a memorable fly fishing experience. Guides and clients alike consider float fishing these waters the ultimate fly fishing adventure. Expect diverse fish habitat in the run from Radium in the Upper Colorado to Two Bridges some 20 miles downstream. If you prefer trying your hand at wade fishing, Minturn Anglers can bring you to the Pumphouse and Gore Canyon stretches of the Colorado where you can enjoy great scenery as well as the challenge of large trout. 

There are hundreds of miles of fly fishing waters to explore in the Front Range, and the guides from Minturn Anglers have intimate knowledge of all the best locations for the biggest catches. In addition to trying your hand for massive carp, browns and rainbow in the South Platte River right in downtown Denver, you’ll want to check out other popular waters near Denver, including:

  • The many Gold Medal fishing opportunities in separately identified sections of the South Platte, including The Tomahawk, Hartsel, The Dream Stream, Cheesman Canyon/Deckers, Clear Creek, Badger Creek and Bear Creek
  • The Blue River, above and below the Dillon Reservoir
  • The Eagle River, running from Leadsville to Glenwood where it joins with the Colorado

The Vail Valley itself offers more than 500 miles of outstanding fishing spots, including stretches of the Eagle, Blue and Colorado Rivers. Other destination waters include:

  • Roaring Fork River
  • Gore Creek
  • Homestake Creek
  • Cross Creek
  • Brush Creek
  • Stillwater
  • Countless high country streams and secluded lakes

Minturn Anglers also has access to a number of private fly fishing venues, including the popular Lazy J Ranch, home of the Vail Rod and Gun Club, other ranches and fishing leases, and exclusive access to the best four mile stretch of water in the Vail Valley. Our guides can bring you to the famed Boxwood and Long Meadow Ranch or to one of the 40 prime fishing locations in the state through its association with the Rocky Mountain Angling Club.

Count on Minturn Anglers to bring you to secluded waters, vibrant fish, and spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery. You will want to return time and again. 

Planning Your Colorado Adventure with Minturn Anglers Guides

Even if you enjoy planning the detail of a fishing trip, you might want to save time and access the experience and expertise of a fishing guide. Such professional services are particularly helpful if you are new to fly fishing and/or unfamiliar with Colorado waters.

Minturn Anglers guides can take you to the best spots for fly fishing in Colorado. They work out of Minturn Anglers shops in Denver, Vail and Minturn. They are on local waters almost every day, know exactly where to go to catch trophy fish, and also offer exclusive access to a number of private fly fishing properties.

Minturn Anglers guides work hard to provide the best fishing experiences for every client. Clients also appreciate their advice about renting or purchasing equipment and gear, including the fly patterns that are currently most effective.

Choose the Right Package  

cast-n-taste - fly fish and dine like a king & queeenTalk to the staff at the Vail and Denver fly shop to discuss your specific requirements, or choose from one of the many fly fishing trip options offered, such as:

  • Float fishing, or combining a float expedition with overnight camping
  • Wade fishing, summer or winter, or a hike and fish trip
  • A Cast and Taste excursion, combining a day of fly fishing with a riverside 4-Star dinner
  • Fly fishing combined with waterfowl hunting or clay shooting
  • Winter ice fishing
  • Group fly fishing expeditions such as corporate events, weddings, or any other celebration
  • A heli or charter air adventure to a more remote location

Start your next fly fishing adventure with a call to Minturn Anglers in Denver or Vail.

Fly Fishing at its Very Best in the Vail Valley

Minturn fly fishing guides on the Eagle river in Vail Valley ColoradoVail is the vacation destination of choice for Colorado residents as well as visitors from across North America and beyond. Just the name conjures up visions of majestic mountains, roaring waters, skiing and fly fishing. There is room for both glamorous adventure and back-to-nature solitude. The Vail area is easily accessible, located just 100 miles west down Interstate 70 from the Denver International Airport, and only 40 miles from the Eagle Airport. With more than 300 days of sunshine, summer temperatures reaching 78˚F and winter temperatures around freezing, Vail is a world renowned Rocky Mountain paradise for both the young and the young at heart. Sitting at an elevation of 8,150 feet, Vail is surrounded by spectacular mountain views. Activities and attractions abound in this resort town. Ski and snowboard fanatics love the area, with its 300 inches of snow annually and 33 ski lifts accessing over 5,000 skiable acres. But fly fishing enthusiasts know there is much more in the Vail Valley. Colorado, with its thousands of rivers and lakes, offers outstanding fly fishing opportunities. Most anglers consider the best waters to be in the Vail Valley, and return year after year to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and experience again the thrill of catching trophy sized trout.

Fly Fishing the Vail Valley

Fly fishermen and women from around the world test their skills against trophy fish in the Vail Valley. The bottom release of waters from the many dams and reservoirs in the area provides an optimal temperature and ideal food supply for fish in these waters, allowing them to grow to trophy size. Trout waters only minutes from Vail report thousands of fish per mile. With about 35 species of fish to be found in the Valley waters, the challenges are almost unlimited. For example, experience the thrill of battling:

  • Rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout in most streams and reservoirs
  • Brook trout in streams at higher elevations
  • Lake trout or Mackinaw
  • Mountain lake grayling
  • Small and large mouth bass
  • Yellow perch
  • Mountain whitefish
  • Suageye
  • Kokanee

Planning a Vail Fly Fishing Trip

float trop in vail valleySome fly fishing enthusiasts take pride in personally planning memorable trips. They enjoy sourcing and purchasing all the necessary gear, researching ideal fishing locations and access points, and identifying waters with best flow rates and hatches. Fishing on their own is part of the challenge. Many others, however, would rather spend more time on the water and less time actually getting there. The option especially for those new to the area or to the sport is to hire a Vail fly fishing guide. Even returning anglers often count on professional guide services to provide them with the best fly fishing experience possible. The Minturn Anglers fly shop is conveniently located in Vail. The professional guides who run this company are all avid fly fishermen who are on local waters just about every day. They love to work with both new and experienced clients, and do their best to pass on their knowledge to ensure memorable fishing adventures. They know where to go for the best fishing opportunities, and can provide advice about additional gear and equipment that might need to be rented or purchased, whether it is clothing, a new rod or simply fly patterns that seem to be working best right now.

Explore Vail Valley Waters

Minturn Anglers guides can introduce you to the best of Vail Valley fishing. Count on them to introduce you to the best opportunities on more than 500 miles of waters in the Valley, including:

  • Eagle River
  • Colorado River
  • Roaring Fork
  • Blue River
  • Gore Creek
  • Homestake Creek
  • Cross Creek
  • Brush Creek
  • Stillwater

Minturn Anglers also has access to a number of private fly fishing properties. A popular choice is the Lazy J Ranch, home of the Vail Rod and Gun Club. Other ranches and fishing leases 30 minutes to 2 hours away from Vail also offer superb fly fishing opportunities. Minturn Anglers has exclusive access to the best 4 mile stretch of water in the Valley.

Choose Your Package

cast-n-taste fly fishing vail and nice dinner for twoThe guides at Minturn are dedicated to providing fly fishing experiences that fulfill every expectation or need. Discuss your requirements with staff at the shop, or choose from the many expedition options possible, such as:

  • Float fishing on larger rivers in the area
  • Combining a float trip with an overnight camping experience
  • Wade fishing excursions
  • Hike and fish trips
  • Engaging children with a fly fishing camp
  • A Cast and Taste excursion which combines a day of fly fishing ending with a Four Star riverside dinner
  • A Cast and Blast experience, combining fly fishing with clay shooting or waterfowl hunting
  • Heli or charter air trips to fly fish extreme remote locations
  • Planning a wedding or corporate event that includes fly fishing
  • Winter ice fishing or winter wade excursions

All it takes to start your next fly fishing adventure is a call to Minturn Anglers.

Fly Fishing Denver

Denver is Rated as a Top 10 Trout-Fishing Town

Fly fishing near denver - Minturn Anglers GuideIt is easy for the 650,000 residents of Denver, and the more than 15.4 million people who visited the city in 2014 to fall in love with this vibrant and picturesque city. Denver really is a “Mile High City”, located on rolling plains just a few miles east of the foothills and Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, providing a panoramic view from the city of some 200 individual mountain peaks. The city has much to offer, from museums, galleries and zoos, to sports, delectable dining and eclectic shopping. Many visitors, however, are drawn by the unsurpassed opportunities for year round Denver fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Denver Waters

With more than 6,000 miles of rivers and over 2,000 reservoirs and lakes, the state offers some of the best fly fishing that can be found anywhere. Many of these world class fisheries are located only a short distance from Denver. City residents and visiting fly fishermen and women from around the world find it hard to resist the urge to test their skills against these trophy fish. There are about 35 different species of fish in these waters near Denver, each offering its own challenge. They include:

  • Rainbow, cutthroat and brown trout, plentiful in most lakes, streams and reservoirs
  • Brook trout in streams at higher elevations
  • Mackinaw or lake trout in deeper mountain lakes
  • The mountain lake grayling, unique because of its large dorsal fin
  • Yellow perch
  • Large and small mouth bass
  • The Kokanee, one of Colorado’s land-locked salmon
  • Carp
  • Mountain whitefish
  • Saugeye

Bottom release of waters from the many dams and reservoirs near Denver ensures optimal temperatures and an abundant food supply for fish in these waters. This is a perfect environment for rainbow and brown trout, for example, to grow to trophy size, and the ideal conditions for them to multiply. Imagine 7,000 rainbow trout per mile, as is reported in some of these waters.

Fly Fishing the Denver Front Range

  There are a number of different watersheds on the Denver Front Range. Each has its own characteristics and opportunities. Popular Denver fly fishing waters include:

  • The South Platte, a long and diverse river, roars through canyons and meanders through meadows; the river offers many Gold Medal fishing opportunities in separately identified sections including The Tomahawk, Hartsel, Dream Stream, Urban Denver, Cheesman Canyon/Deckers, Clear Creek, Badger Basin and Bear Creek
  • The Blue River runs above and below the Dillon Reservoir
  • The Colorado River boasts just about every trout available ranging in size an average 12 - 16 inches
  • The Eagle River starts near Leadsville and runs to Glenwood where it joins with the Colorado

Planning a Denver Fly Fishing Trip

denver fly shop - minturn anglers For fishermen and women who have the time, fishing on their own is a great way to experience the splendor of the Colorado outdoors. For many anglers, the work of collecting proper gear, researching conditions, identifying access and flow at specific fishing locations, and working out the currently effective fly pattern is an enjoyable part of the sport. Others, though, would simply prefer to spend all their available time on the water, actively fishing. The option then is to hire a Denver fishing guide. This is especially true for those new to the area or just beginning the sport. Talk to a reputable Denver fly shop such as Minturn Anglers. These people are avid anglers, on the water just about every day, and love to pass on their skills and knowledge to their clients, even the most inexperienced. Minturn Anglers professional fly fishing guides are available for both half day and full day trips in or around Denver, and can rent or borrow what additional equipment that might be required. Staff at this popular Denver fly shop can provide expert advice about extra gear and equipment that might need to be purchased, whether it is clothing, hats, waders, a new rod or those extra special fly patterns that seem to be working so well right now. Of course, don't forget the fishing license and stamps.  See the Colorado fly fishing license page.

Choose your Fly Fishing Water Near Denver

These experienced Minturn Anglers guides bring their clients to the best spots for the biggest catches. Talk to one of them to discuss options, and book early. Don’t forget to ask about the private water locations available exclusively to Minturn Anglers, perhaps choosing a day at the famed Boxwood & Long Meadow Ranch. As a member of the Rocky Mountain Angling Club, Minturn Anglers also offers excursions to one of the Club’s 40 prime fishing locations throughout the state. Discuss the excursion options for Colorado Front Range fly fishing offered by Minturn Anglers. Check out the features of Walk and Wade trips on one of the Gold Medal stretches of the South Platte River:

  • The Dream Stream offers trout large enough to be sight cast
  • Try your hand fly fishing for massive carp as well as browns and rainbow right in downtown Denver
  • The Deckers section of the South Platte offers over 8 miles of pocket water, riffles and deep pools to test casting skills
  • Bear Creek is an easy trip from Denver
  • A Walk and Wade on the Tomahawk would be a memorable experience
  • Explore the south and middle forks of the South Platte near Hartsel
  • Expect catches in the 6-14 pound range with a Walk and Wade at Clear Creek

In Denver, fly fishing is a winter sport as well. Minturn Anglers guides would be pleased to provide a Walk and Wade trip for an unforgettable winter fly fishing experience in the tailwaters near Denver. Every season of the year, count on the professional guides from Minturn Anglers to bring clients to the most productive fly fishing locations.

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